Lemon Salt Steak

butter (preferably organic)

melt some butter into a preheated pan

medium temperature


steak (preferably organically fed beef)

before cooking make sure the steak is at room temperature

dab all sides of the steak with a paper towel to remove excess humidity (this will help with the browning)

cook the steak

place into buttered preheated pan and cook for about 3-5 mins on each side (depending on if you like it rare, medium rare or medium)


lemon (preferably organic)

wash the lemon and cut into two along the width

remove pips (if any)

squeeze the lemon half onto the cooked steak



either crush some large salt crystals or simply grind them out of your salt grinder

(if you have neither, table salt will suffice)

sprinkle salt generously

(the acidity of the lemon will cut the salt taste considerably)


let sit for 2 mins



The caprese salad comes from Capri and is traditionally made with tomatoes, mozzarella basil salt pepper and lemons.  The reason is that the lemons from Capri are exceptionally sweet and acidic resulting in the breaking down of the unique flavors and mixing them all together.  TastyDave’s caprese salad uses balsamic vinegar as an additional supplement to the acidity, as lemons from Capri are extremely difficult to buy outside of Italy and extremely expensive.

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