Roast Lamb Shank


a leg of lamb, salt, olive oil, rosemary

cooking time:

90 minutes at 375 degrees




lamb (preferably organically fed)

the lamb should be at room temperature

wash the lamb and then thoroughly dry it



thoroughly salt all sides of the meat


rosemary sprig


olive oil

pour some olive oil into a bowl and then use the rosemary sprig to brush it onto the lamb


place the lamb leg onto a bed of your favorite vegetables into a baking dish



place in middle of the oven

cook for 90 minutes at 375 degrees (F)

remove from oven

let the meat rest for 5 mins onto a cutting board

remove the rosemary and binding string

slice to serve



Lamb is a wonderfully tasty alternative to the more traditional red meats of beef and pork.  It is lean and has been eaten for religious ceremonies throughout history.

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