Crispy Onion Mushroom Burger

hamburger (preferably organically fed)

let the meat be at room temperature before cooking it


Onions (preferably organic)

thinly slice the onions with a sharp knife

Cut a piece off the onion making it flat, allowing you to have it stable before slicing it.



either pre sliced mushrooms or slice them to about the width of a pinky



use any type of fat you like, so butter or an oil that has a higher temperature resistance, so vegetable oil etc; olive oil will not work in this scenario; in my case, I am using rendered duck fat, which one can buy at higher end grocery stores, and is a wonderful fat as it has a higher temperature resistance and is quite flavourful.


swiss cheese

any type of swiss cheese (also known as Emmental)

slice the cheese into thin strips



thinly slice the onions and then seperate the rings

slice the mushrooms (if not pre sliced)

fry the onions and mushrooms in a medium heated buttered (or whichever fat you chose) pan

the onions and mushrooms should not be fried together.

make sure not to overcrowd the onions or mushrooms in the pan

fry until crispy

place your formed burger into a NON greased frying pan and cover with a tightly fitting lid.  Put a weight onto the lid to create a type of pressure cooker.  Heat the pan to 2.5 on an electric stove or very low on a gas stove and let cook for 15minutes not removing the lid.  If you do remove the lid, add 30 seconds of cooking time for every time you do.  Once the cooking time has been reached, check that your hamburger meat is thoroughly cooked by placing a food thermometer into the middle of it.

place the cheese strips onto the burger and increase the temperature to 4 (medium low on a gas stove); this will increase the temperature and reduce the hamburger juices into caramelized goodness; cover with your lid and cook for 2 mins or until the cheese has melted.

remove from the stove and build your burger!



Hamburgers have become ubiquitous in the 20th Century.  This is mainly due to the proliferation of fast food restaurants serving the quick and easy meal, the most famous being McDonald’s restaurant chain.

However the hamburger has a longer history, though the speed and convenience of the meal can be tied to the industrialization of labour and the need to satisfy one’s stomach within the confines of a short time requirement.

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