Caprese Salad

tomatoes (preferably organic)

slice with a serrated knife

place on serving plate


buffula mozzarella (or any mozzarella that comes in water)

slice the cheese to make enough pieces to cover each tomato slice

place on tomatoes


basil (ideally organic or from a live plant)

rip up the leaves with your fingers, not with a knife.  The blade will bruise the leaves

sprinkle to cover the cheese and tomatoes



salt generously


pepper to cover the leaves


lemon (ideally organic or from your tree)

cut the lemon in half along the width, remove pits.

squeeze the lemon juice all over the basil/cheese/tomatoes


olive oil (the best tasting you have, ideally virgin pressed)

cover the leaves and cheese and tomatoes generously


balsamic vinegar

cover the leaves and cheese and tomatoes


The caprese salad comes from Capri and is traditionally made with tomatoes, mozzarella basil salt pepper and lemons.  The reason is that the lemons from Capri are exceptionally sweet and acidic resulting in the breaking down of the unique flavors and mixing them all together.  TastyDave’s caprese salad uses balsamic vinegar as an additional supplement to the acidity, as lemons from Capri are extremely difficult to buy outside of Italy and extremely expensive.

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