Base Red Sauce


olive oil, crushed garlic, chopped onions, crushed tomatoes,  chopped tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, dried parsley, fresh bay leaves, sugar, salt, pepper, tomato puree

preparation time:

5 mins

cooking time:

15 mins




olive oil (preferably virgin)

pour some olive oil into a m3dium heated sauce pan


crushed garlic

add 3-6 crushed garlic buds to the oil and stir

chopped onions

chop half an onion into small pieces and add to the hot oil, stirring very frequently

cook until both the garlic and onions have become transparent


crushed and chopped tomatoes

add crushed and chopped tomatoes into the sauce pan



balsamic vinegar

add balsamic vinegar to the sauce pan (about 4 tbs)



dried parsley + 2 fresh bay leaves

add these two ingredients to the sauce pan and mix

add the other half of the crushed & chopped tomatoes and also add tomato puree

mix well and cover, letting it cook for 15mins on medium low heat.


your base red sauce is now ready and can be added as a pasta sauce or to sloppy joes etc


this is a classic italian base red sauce.

If you want to use it for pasta, add some red wine and some oregano, if you want to use it for sloppy joes, nothing is needed to add to it, if you want to have it as is on bruschetta, add some fresh basil.

it is a base sauce that is great to have in the fridge and can be very versatile.

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