TastyDave has no affiliation with the company from which these designs are being received and embroidered or printed.

TastyDave and the other company have no financial relationship.

TastyDave is acting purely as a third party outsourcer.

The company has no responsibility or is in no way connected or liable for anything to do with TastyDave.

TastyDave is being used as an outsource service to implement the designs sent by the company.

TastyDave has no responsibility for copyright infringments or is in no way responsible for the designs sent to it by the company.

TastyDave will on occasion, if deemed necessary, refuse to work with a design if it deems the design breaking social or moral or legal laws.

TastyDave reserves the right to refuse designs.

TastyDave is a wholely independent company that is not in any way associated with the company.